What is this course all about?

This workshop is an educational self-study course designed to give the user greater understanding about the ways in which internal beliefs and values can impact relationship dynamics. It includes videos and articles that provide informational content, as well as worksheets and other tools that create opportunities for self-reflection.

Learning Objectives:

- Identify the ways in which self-worth and self-talk impact your behavior in relationships. Begin to make active choices to improve self-worth.

- Be able to identify different types of boundaries and the emotional dynamics related. Reflect on internal factors that contribute to difficulties with boundaries. Practice making mindful decisions about boundaries.

- Understand different types of communication styles. Build skills for assertive  communication.

- Learn healthy conflict skills and reflect on challenges to successful conflict resolution in your own life. Identify specific behaviors to improve conflict management.


Who is Amy anyway and what does she know?

Amy Kipp has been helping individuals and couples enhance their relationships for over nine years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (first in Oregon, currently in Texas). She also has experiences as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and partner that inform her understanding of relationship dynamics. Using this combination of professional and personal relational experience, she has created this in-depth online workshop to help women find their empowered voices and deepen their relationships.

Amy’s career includes guiding couples towards more sustaining conflict resolution and deeper connection, working with women to use effective boundaries and communication for more satisfying relationships, and helping survivors of sexual assault to feel more comfortable with their sexual selves and intimate relationships. The insights and wisdom gleaned from this work give this course a nuanced perspective that allows the participant to find their most empowered self and their most authentic voice in their relationships.


What can’t this course do for me?

While Amy Kipp is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (in Texas) and this course is informed by that work, Love Out Loud does not constitute therapy. Love Out Loud, LLC offers educational self-study courses only, not clinical, mental health, or counseling services. Love Out Loud is not a counseling platform and Amy Kipp is not conducting psychotherapy or counseling services through the Love Out Loud program. Good therapy requires interaction and feedback. This course is a one-way street. (See Terms and Conditions for more information). 

Additionally, Love Out Loud should not be seen as a substitute to therapy. This course may bring up thoughts or emotions that need deeper exploration. Because of her commitment to providing therapy only in situations that are ethical and beneficial to the client, Amy Kipp is not your therapist. If you do need a therapist, an internet search is a great place to start. There are several different therapist directories that provide profiles for many therapists so you can pick one that is a match for you in terms of insurance/fees, location, therapist style, and personality fit.

This workshop is also not a guarantee that you’ll have fantastic relationships forever or that you’ll meet someone if you’re looking. Because while it IS about romantic relationships, it’s also about all of the other kinds of relationships that nourish us.


Who is this course for?

Well, anyone, really. We could all manage with improvements in our communication and boundaries. But this course is specifically focused on helping people who:

  • Struggle to get their needs met in relationships.
  • Think that their feelings of self-worth negatively impact their interactions.
  • Want to improve their ability to identify and enforce their boundaries. Or,
  • Would like to communicate with more skill.

Return policy: 

You may cancel your subscription to Love Out Loud for a full refund within two days of purchase. We allow two days so that you can check out the content and determine if the course is for you. If not, cancel within that two days, no questions asked. 

How to use: 

Once purchased, you will have a link in the top right navigation bar called "L.O.L Full Course". This is where you will find your content. The course is set for you to peruse the content at your own pace, but I suggest taking at least one week per section (there are 4, plus a bonus section). Good luck!